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KDE 4.8.0 on Mageia



It's been quite a long time (6 months) since the last blog update but still some months to go before Mageia 2 release.

The initial proposition for Mageia 2 was to provide KDE 4.7.x but thanks to our roadmap we'll be able to provide KDE 4.8.x for the next mageia 2.

So what did we do during the last months :

Packaging improvement

I tried to improved a little bit our kde packaging since Mageia 1 by removing not maintained/used patchs in our kde package & also abusing of the %apply_macro to ensure that a patch available in the spec is *applied*
There's now some orders in our patchs process :

currently we have this layout in most of kde's package spec :

# Branch patch 100-199
Patch100: kde-blablala.patch
#  Trunk patch 200-299
Patch200: kde-blabla.patch
# Mageia/Mandriva/Fedora/whatelse patchs
Patch300: kde-blabla.patch

This mean that we won't have to rediff branch patch but eventually *our* patch if they don't apply.

The trunk part is here to add some patchs from trunk (yeah obvious), which has not been backported in current branch so in fact it's going to be used essentially when a bug is fixed in master & not backported (because branch is closed ) in our package.

During the rework of kde's package for mageia2, i did also split out handbooks from most of kde's package (the one available on the kde's live-cd essentially) in order to fix mga #2101 : in order to get some free space the documentation is not available in rpms available in the live-cd, the user will be able to install the documentation after installation by installing the needed -handbook(s) subpackage(s).

Kmail2 & nepomuk

While we were providing kdepim 4.4.11.x in mageia 1, we'll use kdepim 4.8.x for mageia 2 which mean the use of kmail2 which is akonadi based.

Kmail2 is also using nepomuk for the search function (& complains with a « yellow » banner if it's not available) so nepomuk is now enable by default and required by kmail.

Since some people does not like nepomuk i also managed to package nepomuk (at least the daemon & related stuff) in his own package so you can now disable it (as before) but also simply removed it from your system if you need it.

Speaking of update from kmail 1.x it should be handled automatically by kmail but i personnally recommands to start from a fresh configuration (which indeed might be not that easy for pop account).

Mageia configuration files

Some work has been done on this part too. First we're now providing a vanilla-kde4-config which allows you to have the « default upstream configuration » for your user instead of the mageia one.

Regarding our mageia panel i did switch (for test purpose but i personally like it a lot) from the default taskmanager to the plasma-applet-icontasks from kdeplasma-addons package.

This applet support launchers, have nice effects (& smooth-tasks does not compile currently :p )

I also (based on neoclust's initial work & Peace-'s work) created a nice javascript allowing now to restore the default mageia panel directly on a left click :)

No changes has been done so far for our ksplash, but i hope to work soon witch schultz & juancho on ksplashqml to see if we'll be able to provide a nice splash for Mageia 2.

Maybe some work could also be done on the Activities part but since means to really manage javascript here ;p

Packages to test

With cauldron we're now providing a social music player : Tomahawk .  I'm personally using daily especially.
Clementine 1.0.1 is of course available (with a non tested for the moment krunner plugin) & you can find in our repository amarok.
Digikam, which is now maintained by anaselli, is also available in the last 2.5.0 version.Thanks to fwang's work calligra 2.4.0beta6 is also available  (currently mageia 1 is shipping an alpha version but once final is done we'll push it to core/updates ).
I'll try in the next week to package Conquiere which is a tool using nepomuk to manage files & bibliographic data, Gammaray is also on the todo list :)

Bye bye,


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KDE SC 4.6.5 est désormais disponible en updates pour Mageia 1

Et voila, après un peu de travail (merci à toute l'équipe de la QA de Mageia) KDE SC 4.6.5 est enfin disponible en mise à jour  pour Mageia 1 cloturant ainsi le bug 2226.
Il aura fallu un peu moins d'un mois au final afin de pouvoir passer de core/updates_testing à core/updates cloturant par ailleurs un certain nombre de bugs de Mageia
#897, #1287#1680,  #1740, #1755 .
Dans le même temps le menu classique de KDE sous mageia propose désormais une bannière Mageia (le .svg adéquate n'était pas disponible à la sortie de Mageia 1),
les icones utilisateurs fournis par mageia sont de nouveau disponibles dans kdm (un patch n'avait pas été appliqué),
Un certain nombre de corrections de bugs présents dans la branche 4.6 et 4.7 ont été également inclus.
Si le délai de mise à disposition peut sembler long il faut garder à l'esprit :
  • qu'un certain nombre de contributeurs sont en vacances
  • que c'était la première fois qu'une aussi grosse mise à jour était mis en place (et donc que la période de tests soit forcément étendu).
Concernant les autres paquets relatifs à KDE ,bluedevil 1.1.1 est actuellement en updates_testing, et je prévois de mettre à jour également knetworkmanager pour les utilisateurs de networkmanager.
Luc lui s'est penché sur le sort de la lecture cd sous amarok  (--cdplay sera toujours cassé il est vrai) et je réfléchis également au sort de phonon-vlc (qui d'après le changelog améliore également un peu la situation).
Concernant KDE SC 4.7, il n'est aucunement prévu à l'heure actuelle de fournir cette version pour Mageia 1 tant en updates qu'en backports, mais rien n'empèche de
passer sous Cauldron pour en bénéficier ;o)
A bientôt sous mageia,
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