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KDE SC 4.5.4 , Qt 4.7.1, KDEPIM 4.4.8

KDE SC 4.5.4 is out & i managed to build it for mandriva 2010.1

Qt has been upgraded to 4.7.1, Phonon to 4.4.3 & in the same way i pushed phonon-vlc 0.3 in the repository.

As usual i used iurt to build all the packages.

I also enabled networkmanager (0.8.2) support in kdebase-workspace since it's going to be at least use in the next mandriva (& certainly in mageia).
You should install knetworkmanager package or the plasmoid plasma-applet-networkmanagement (their is a conflict between the both app) to use networkmanager,
you also need to check that networkmanager is started, please note that there 's some reports telling that the interfaces are not available in knetworkmanager while they are in the gtk applet , i don't test it so i don't know :p

Kwebkitpart is packaged & support enable in kget, kget also have torrent support enable (via libktorrent) so you can now use again kget or ktorrent directly of course :p.
You can also enable it to use webkit support in konqueror following this tutorial.
Please note that kwebkitpart is going to obsolete webkitkde if this one is installed.

You'll also find kdepim 4.4.8 :)

There's also a pretty nice plugin named kwin-effect-beclock available when desktop effects are enable (it's not a plasmoid ) , give it a try please :p

Regarding 3D effects due to a kde #253357 , the self check as been disabled by default for free drivers.
Some MIB's users report some blackscreen with old graphic card while updating to KDE 4.5.4 (even if all package were not available but that's another story :p), a simple trick to fix that is to disable 3d effects by adding in the file



Regarding the media itself now,

I'm now following the same structure as mandriva aka a release,testing & updates folder :)

So you can add now


so for a i586 it should be

urpmi.removemedia -y kde4.5.3
urpmi.addmedia kde4.5.4_release
urpmi.addmedia kde4.5.4_updates

And if you want to test package (if i've got package to test) you simply need to add the testing repository.

I'll try to push updates every week (like i did before for 4.5.3 ) using KDE 4.5 branch :)

MIB as usual is mirroring the ftp so you can get « faster » speed using their mirror.

Please note that mib mirror is also providing in the same media (if i'm not wrong) some specific mib rpm (you'll not the mib suffix inside them)

If there's any app that simply need a rebuild to work feel free to ask :)


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  1. Using Mandriva 2010.1 – k3b crashes when opening -> Settings -> Configure k3b . Possibly related to Bug 238819

    • Thanks for notification.
      I can reproduce it on x86_64 & using the fix from kde #238819 fix it here.
      I’m building i586 packages now & i’ll upload them after on my ftp
      If you’re using MIB Mirror you’ll need to wait a little bit so they can be available.


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