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Update to wordpress, mageia front

As usual i'm adding articles when i'm « forced » to upgrade my blog  so here it has been upgraded to wordpress 3.1 without any problem so far (even if i'm using the network functionnality).

Now let's talk about mageia:

As you may have heard  Mageia released his first alpha iso & on the same day i've been able to install it instead of my old 2010.0 mandriva.
I was amazed to see that it was working without problem here (well from a not normal user indeed) , i simply encounter 2 problems :
bug 48 ( kde was not able to log out due to a missing sound which was fixed quite easily) .
the second one was a missing wallpaper due to an error already mentionned on mageia errata.
So in summary since 1 week  i'm now able to use directly my mageia as a build host using iurt as usual ;o) (simply using iurt -r cauldron x86_64 :p ) & start working especially on KDE's packages and some others packages like clementine :p

So for example  we're currently provinding KDE 4.6 (like it is on cooker) but we're still using KDEPIM 4.4.10 for the moment since KDEPIM 4.6 is still beta (thought it's working without any problem on my cooker host), KDE 4.6.1 should be available next week \o/ (tagging is expected on Februrary, 24 th & release on March, 1st., LibreOffice 3.3.1 is available & most of KDE apps are available.
Following dmorgan's suggestion i also just imported bangarang, it's a pretty video player which i'm going to use instead of dragonplayer (it's also going another step to use more & more nepomuk).



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  1. So this means you won’t be doing KDE backports for Mandriva ? if yes, could you teach me how I can do them my self ?

    Thanks mikala :)

    • As i said before since next mandriva & mageia will be out « quite » soon with KDE SC 4.6 & since i want to avoid as much as possible any conflicts while upgrading i won’t personally do a backport for KDE SC 4.6 for mandriva 2010.(1|2).
      Regarding teaching how to do yourself i’ll try very soon to write a fast tutorial how to use iurt on a local box :)


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